How Can Older Men Build Lean Muscle Mass?

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It’s no secret that getting older isn’t easy, right? Some have even said that “Aging is not for the weak.” There are a lot of changes that come with getting older, many of which are negative changes to your body. Men in particular see major differences in their body as they age, the most significant being the loss of muscle mass. Men who were once fit and toned become frail and thin in no time at all. This is a natural occurence, but it’s definitely not a welcome one. Most men would prefer to hold on to the strong physique of their younger days, rather than the weak, aging one they have now. So what causes this change in build and more importantly, can it be reversed?

What Causes Men To Lose Muscle Mass?

As we said earlier, there are a lot of natural changes that occur with aging. For men, one of those changes is the decline in testosterone production. Testosterone is the hormone that gives men their masculine attributes, such as strength, high libido, and the ability to easily build muscle mass. Most men produce an adequate amount of testosterone from the time they hit puberty until middle age. When they enter middle age – usually their mid-40’s – their testosterone production begins to decline.

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It is this decrease in testosterone production that makes them weaker, decreases their libido, and leads to the overall loss of muscle mass.  The decline in their strength and lowering energy levels makes it harder to rebuild the muscle mass they have lost, and they are left with a frail and aging body. Some men are hit with an additional blow from the loss of testosterone and aging: a slow metabolism. This slow metabolism combined with poor energy levels can lead to a chubby, flabby body. Yikes. Can anything be done about this?

How Can Older Men Rebuild Their Lean Muscle Mass?

There are several ways that older men can begin the process of rebuilding their muscle mass and having the fit body of their youth. Many men choose to take dietary supplements that can help increase their energy levels, burn body fat, and boost testosterone production. In fact, rumor has it athletes like Pat Mahomes take supplements like these to stay in shape and on top of their game. Using these supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet and workout routine can help older men to rebuild the lean muscle mass that they have lost. This means following a diet high in lean protein and healthy fats. You should eat frequent small meals with healthy snacks in-between as well as drinking protein shakes.

It’s no surprise men are trying to following the diet and workout of NFL QB’s like Pat Mahomes supplements.

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As for exercise, dietary supplements can help increase your energy and give you the strength to perform more strenuous, vigorous workouts. An appropriate exercise routine for older men will include a combination of cardio and weight training, starting light and gradually working your way up to heavier lifts. This can help you rebuild your muscle mass, increase your endurance, and get back the physical fitness you had back in your youth!